Echoes of Jesus – Paperback Bundle



“Echoes of Jesus” 1st and second editions. Both titles express the same mission statement. The second edition has expanded content. You can keep one title for yourself and have one to give away. At only $10 for first edition and a flat fee of $5 for freight, this is a great deal

Ehoes of Jesus  is a Christian apologetic that presents evidence in an engaging manner, following a logical journey of discovery. It is accessible to both Christian believers and those who know little about Jesus. Questions for discussion and reflection at the end of each chapter reflect this welcoming approach. This highly readable journey of discovery considers gospel textual criticism, authorship of the Gospels, Christian historiography, literacy & more. See evidence for the reliability of the recounting of Jesus.

After reading this book you will:

  • understand the extent of literacy and historical awareness in ancient civilisations
  • appreciate how it was possible for the first disciples to accurately record Jesus’ life and teachings
  • have a highly readable explanation of ancient New Testament documents and know what they have to say about accuracy in copying
  • know the content and credibility of non-Christian ancient literature that comment on Jesus and the first Christians.


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