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Well experienced at teaching and preaching, I am passionate about helping people to know Jesus through pages of the Bible. I have greatly enjoyed the privilege of presenting to a wide variety of people, including church bodies, sports teams, young adult groups and students.

I greatly welcome the opportunity to present at your next conference, church service, university/ school group, or camp, no matter where in the world you are located.

Speaking Endorsements

Peter Sweetman
Peter SweetmanFounding Pastor, Bridgeman Baptist Community Church
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Jonathan Clerke is a highly intelligent man who has used this gift to become a formidable and loving apologist for the Gospel.

He has extensive knowledge about the formation of the Scriptures and has recently published his first book on this subject, ‘Echoes of Jesus’.

He has been used by the Holy Spirit on many occasions to help inquirers see the accuracy and trustworthiness of the Bible. Over recent years, Jonathan has presented a seminar series in our church called ‘Seriously’ which addresses many of the intellectual questions raised by those seeking to determine the truth about Jesus Christ.

As a passionate evangelist, Jonathan constantly shares his faith on all the frontlines of his life and he has developed a special relationship with the Iranian community here in Australia.

Jonathan along with his wife Anita have been long term members of our church community and I commend Jonathan to any person, group or church who is seeking to help others overcome intellectual barriers to Christian faith.

Rev Martin Luke
Rev Martin LukeSenior Pastor, The Grove Baptist Community Church
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As a pastor I believe the church should always be a safe place for those searching for answers to the meaning of life. For that reason we don’t ask people to leave their brains at the door and jump blindly into Christianity.

Recently I asked Jonathan Clerke to come and speak at our church about the credibility and reliability of the bible, drawing from his book ‘Echoes of Jesus’.Jonathan’s talk was engaging and accessible for both Christians and seekers alike. In fact many people bought a copy of his book following the service, and others expressed how surprised they were to discover the enormous amount of intellectual and historical evidence for the validity of the scriptures.

I am grateful as a pastor that a specialist like Jonathan is available to come and speak at churches. There is definitely a need to sure up the confidence of those in the congregation that the bible we preach from can be trusted.

I highly recommend that pastors consider inviting Jonathan to fill a space in their preaching calendar.

Dan Perkins
Dan PerkinsPastor, Hope Community Baptist Church
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It was a great pleasure to have Jonathan come and speak at Hope Community Baptist Church.

I invited Jonathan to speak into some of the doubts and questions that people face when it comes to the Bible. The message he shared was engaging and inspiring and the way that he connected it to the Gospel was brilliant!

His approach to the topic took what could seem like complex issues and made them easy to understand.

A wide range of church events will be blessed by Jonathan’s ministry.

I am happy to recommend Jonathan Clerke and we look forward to having him back one day.

Stuart Russell
Stuart RussellAssociate Pastor, Rivers Baptist Church
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Jon Clerke brings a thorough knowledge of his topics yet can speak to a variety of age groups in a warm, simple and down-to-earth way.He is passionate about following Jesus and helping others to find Him!

I recommend Jon in helping people discover Truth and strengthen their faith.

Jeffrey Dau
Jeffrey DauPrincipal, Fera’abu Bible School, Malaita, Solomon Islands
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Fera’abu Bible School (Malaita, Solomon Islands) has obviously seen remarkable input from this very magnificent seminar titled Bible Apologetics and Gospel Cultural Studies.

It was timely and very important. Therefore we acknowledge Jonathan Clerke for his wonderful and tremendous teaching on these subjects.

The course was much valued and we have treasured it very much and recommend it.

Your teaching has blessed our hearts so much. God bless you.

Bethel Bako
Bethel BakoPastor, Malaita, Solomon Islands
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During the five day seminar we really enjoyed learning the Bible Apologetics and Gospel Cultural Studies here at Fera’abu Bible School.

We learnt a lot of new things in the studies, and the way Jonathan Clerke taught was absolutely extremely good.

I and my fellow pastors have no hesitation to say that Jonathan has done a very good job.

We salute you Jonathan for your good, clear and sound teaching.

This gave us a great sense of achievement after studying the Word of God and successfully completing the units. God Bless.


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