Numerous ancient historians during and before Jesus lifetime - Echoes Of Jesus

To encourage even more people to read the vital information contained in Echoes of Jesus, the next several blog posts will include modified excerpts from

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Beginnings - Echoes Of Jesus

Echoes of Jesus has now been published as hard copy and as Ebook. Available on Amazon, Koorong and through our website.

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Russian Translation - Echoes of Jesus

Excellent endorsements for the Russian translation have been received from our northern hemisphere cousins, including pastors from different denominations, a prominent lawyer, theological scholars with PhD status, and others.

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Book Signings at Koorong - Echoes of Jesus

Some good news! Book signings at Koorong Bookstores are now happening. There are two opportunities to meet Jonathan Clerke and buy your signed copy of his latest title.

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Did bias of New Testament authors distort truth about women - Echoes Of Jesus

New Testament authors have been shown to document truth about women in early church. Women played important and acknowledged role in Jesus’ life.

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