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1) From pastors, theological college lecturers & students

This is a book for those who like to question and think and who are not satis ed with pat answers. It explores the consistency of the biblical records about Jesus with profound insight and honest evaluation. It describes the author’s personal quest for truth with no stone left unturned. Everything is carefully explained. Everything is well documented. This is an excellent resource for theological faculty and students as well as for anyone genuinely searching for truth. If you have questions or doubts about the identity of the real Jesus or the reliability of the Bible, this is the book for you.
    Rev Dr John Sweetman, BSc, DipEd, BD, GradTheol, DMin (Denver Seminary, USA); Principal of Malyon College, Brisbane, Australia.

This book is a “must get” for anyone interested in “digging deeper” on their journey through the New Testament. I will be recommending “Echoes of Jesus” to my students and church friends as it invites its readers to carefully study in order to carefully apply.
    Rev Dr. Peter Christofides, D. Litt et Phil, PhD, VOSE Seminary, Perth, Australia.

Echoes of Jesus is a very insightful and much-needed book in the area of apologetics, particularly as the reliability of the Bible is increasingly challenged. I plan to use it as a text in Australia’s only theologically-accredited Apologetics to Islam course run at the Melbourne School of Theology.
    Dr Bernie Power, D.Th, lecturer in Islamic Studies, Melbourne School of Theology, Australia.

This well written work on the biblical account of the historical Jesus exposes the reader to key issues that are often overlooked in popular Christian apologetics. It raises the believer's confidence levels in the reliability of the Gospels and the apostolic writings, and should be taken seriously by scholars.
    Dr James M. Leonard, PhD (Cambridge), former Adjunct Professor (LSU, Notre Dame Seminary, Loyola University, John Brown University, Arkansas, US).

For anyone interested in the truth claims of Christianity, this book by Jonathan Clerke is a helpful and interesting read and an excellent resource. Based on extensive, robust and systematic research of primary and secondary sources, the author persuasively argues that the New Testament accurately and faithfully records what Jesus said and taught in his lifetime. Clerke’s research establishes the following: (a) there was a high-level of literacy in the ancient world including Jesus’s; (b) people in the ancient world were not as gullible as critics of Christianity have claimed; (c) ancient historians were both professional and credible in their task of recording history; (d) as a master-teacher, Jesus employed methods which facilitated the remembrance and easy recall of his teachings; (e) the autographs of the New Testament were faithfully transmitted despite variant readings and textual traditions; and, (f) extra-biblical sources like Lucian, Pliny the Younger and Josephus contain reliable evidences which attest to the veracity of the New Testament. Clerke has done a great service to the church in writing this book to defend the truth claims of Christianity. His research has also significant implications for Christian-Muslim dialogue. This book is not for the faint of heart as it requires much patience and critical thinking to grapple with all the research. But, for the cause of truth, the effort is worth it!
    Rev. Dr. Bernard Low, former Associate Professor in Systematic Theology at Singapore Bible College; PhD (University of Nottingham). Former Director of SBC’s                         Centre for Continuing Theological Education.

Jesus was a historical person. He gained an immense following in the Greco–Roman world of the first four centuries. Countless people embraced him not only as a valued religious teacher, but as the Son of God. It wasn’t gullibility, illiteracy or a denial of the realities of life that paved the way for these convictions. Jon Clerke’s book shows that you don’t have to take a degree in theology or history to discover the obvious. The history of early Christianity and its sacred writings is one of the best documented on this planet. Time to find out for yourself!
    Professor Benno A. Zuiddam, DTh (University of the Orange Free State), PhD (North-West University, South Africa), School of Ancient Languages and Text Studies, North-West University, South Africa, Greenwich School of Theology (UK); Centre for Patristic Research (the Netherlands); Member of the South African Academy of Science and Arts.

The biblical worldview is rooted in Scripture, which speaks with authority and logical consistency on matters of epistemology, cosmology and ethics. The earthly words of Christ are an integral component of Scripture, and Jonathan Clerke has provided us a meticulously researched evidentialist account of how the logos of God has been accurately documented and preserved.
    Dr Ting Wang, PhD (Hebrew Union College, Jewish Institute of Religion, Cincinnati, US); former Lecturer in Biblical Hebrew, Stanford University; Translator, Oxford       English Version (Luke, forthcoming).

Echoes of Jesus is a very important book forour times! In an age where everything is questioned, and skepticism is the norm, this book fills a lot of the gaps! Jonathan Clerke has answered the questions that a lot of people are asking, and I believe this book will impact many people's lives with a message of hope & truth. After interviewing Jonathan on Vision radio, I was convinced this book needs to get into as many hands as possible.
  Matt Prater, Vision Christian Radio Presenter and Pastor of New Hope Brisbane Church

As a mature theological student with background in Engineering R&D, I find Echoes of Jesus a very useful and helpful resource. The author provide wealth of factual information that are very handy when doing my research for my New Testament assignments and my personal devotions. I enjoyed the way the author systematically layout the book with strong data to backup. I will recommend this book to my fellow students and church friends.

  Keong Chan, VOSE Seminary, Perth, Western Australia.

Using archaeological records, manuscripts and other early Christian and non-Christian texts, Echoes of Jesus provides a systematic critical examination into the integrity and reliability of the New Testament, and Jesus as the Son of God. Clerke's book is comprehensive and free from jargon, making it accessible and also encouraging readers to delve deeper into the implications of truth. It has been a good resource for my theological studies and personal faith alike.
  Sarah Chan, Theology student

2) From Others

If you have questions, this book has the anwers!  Echoes of Jesus is not only a valuable tool to help the believer be certain of the hope that we posses, it's a tool useful for every person's heart, helping the first timer or the sceptic unlock the truth in a solid, well researched and tangible way. With well presented evidence Jesus becomes known and myths are sifted away. This book assumes nothing and offers everything, a highly enjoyable and thoroughly researched read that will lead you straight to the true heart of Jesus Christ, and a clear understanding of the Gospels.

 Richelle Wenham, Vision Christian Radio Presenter and Content Producer

This book is a valuable addition to the library of anyone interested in Christian apologetics, or indeed anyone who wants to know how Jesus' teaching has been passed down to us. The book has been meticulously researched and is a work of considerable scholarship, yet written in accessible language. It reads like a quest, as Jonathan takes us from the ancient world to today, seeking answers to the questions surrounding the veracity of the Gospels. This book provides the context in which the words of Jesus were recorded and preserved and concludes with the certainty that the Gospels, as we know them today, are trustworthy. A great read, it will also be a useful book of reference.

  J Nott

‘Echoes of Jesus’ is a 'must-have' book for all those interested in the person of Jesus, the credibility of the Bible, and in particular the New Testament. Written in an easy-to-understand and logical format Jonathan answers the pertinent questions a person may have about literacy in the ancient world, the teaching methods of Jesus, and the amazing accuracy and credibility of the New Testament accounts as well as including a selection of ratifying evidence for Jesus from early Christian and non-Christian witnesses. Whether you’re a layperson wanting for proof for Jesus or a theological student researching the accuracy of the Bible ‘Echoes of Jesus’ will more than satisfy your needs.
  P Jayawardhana

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