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Topics include authenticity & reliability of the Gospels, copying of the Gospels

Does Islam allow husbands to beat their wives?

Does Islam allow husbands to beat their wives? 

Did Muhammad hit any of his wives?

How to begin research on the Qur’an & Hadith

Echoes of Jesus: Does the New Testament Reflect What He Said? briefly discusses Islam’s relationship to the New Testament. It is also a topic that I am often asked about and the subject of seminars that I present. Islam is often in the news due to many terrorist acts that are carried out by a very small minority of its followers. However, Islam’s teachings about women occasionally make headlines as well. The research I did for writing Echoes of Jesus often involved many hours trying to get to the earliest sources of information on the various topics covered.

I have written this article for two reasons.

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Do people who have never heard the good news about Jesus go to heaven?


What about those who have never heard the Gospel?

Is it reasonable to believe that only those who hear the good news about Jesus,

and ask him for forgiveness, are accepted into heaven?

Echoes of Jesus: Does the New Testament Reflect What He Said?looks at a variety of questions regarding the reliability of the New Testament. For example: 

  • Is there evidence that people during Jesus’ lifetime could reliably record what He said and did while he was still alive? 
  • Has the New Testament been copied accurately? 
  • Are the Gospels true records of what Jesus said and did, given that the original authors were biased?
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